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Wild Willy's Way

To K-9 Speed Training, all Dogs of all Breeds and Age / a perfect present for the hard to Please Hounds-man!!!

WildWilly’s Way is a written first-person perspective, Instruction Manual account of how I train Coonhounds and Dogs to Perfection!!! Accompanied by video representations of the training on DVD!!!! This Fun, Child-friendly, Positive reinforcement training system is written in a step by step manner, explaining exactly what I do one step at a time. Wild Willy’s Want Marrying system that Dogs understand comes the most gentle way to get professional results period!! Our personal mission is to better the lives of Dogs/Hounds by positively changing the lives of their owners with Training/Communication Tools!!!



WildWilly's Way
Complete K-9 Control
Become Part of the New Dog Training Revolution!

 This Instruction Manual and DVD combo, have been developed through Obedience training and bettering the lives of thousands of good, deserving Dogs and Hounds, over the last 30 years! These Mind-Blowing methods work on all Breeds and ages of Dogs, thus Improving the hunt ability in all Hounds regardless of age!! Bettering their life and Hunt performance through Common sense, easy to understand techniques that are trained in a Pre-Understanding method, Achieving Real results the Fastest way possible!!!  This Manual puts the Power of True

K-9 Control into each Owners Hand. Learn how Dogs understand training Individually and New ways to achieve professional results in; Obedience, (training your Dog to train) Prevention and Breaking for Off Game-Breaking, Food Aggression, Tree Aggression Breaking, Jacking-Running-Climbing the Tree, Chewing rehabilitation! Lifetimes of secrets! Want Marrying Fine Techniques and much Much more, all dwelling from my safely achieved, person ChildSafety Training Foundation, that is also included within!!!

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