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Custom Hand Carved Art Work!

My donated, Custom Hand Carved artwork has raised thousands of dollars for Coon Hunting Clubs, helping to keep their doors open for future Cooners! Pictured in the video below are my very first works of art. As with everything I do I have taken this talent to a new level as I can now carve with Photo Realism accuracy! I can apply my fully Usable art to nearly any hard surface!! Antler, Ash, Walnut, Cherry, Glass, Eggshells etc. Specializing in Gunstocks and Knife handles and Dog art now offered to the public. If you can imagine it I can Carve it !!! Booking winter work now, deposit required on all privately created artwork.

Upcoming youth fundraisers are designed to pay for themselves as well as No Startup Fee. Contact us in writing with reasons for needed building improvements or Youth Program needs to help the Growth of our sport in Your area!

25841CARVE_flipMAR_BAYED_2 border.jpg
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