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Private Phone            Instructions

Your K-9 Communication specialist is here to serve your Dog Training needs through the use of my Maternal Alpha training system. In nearly every aspect related to Dogs! From Home Health advice, Breeding, Housing, Potty Breaking, Obedience Training, Hunt Obedience, Competition Finishing/Distraction Training (professional performance consistency results) (Show/Hunt) as well as screening for behavioral problems (genetic Fault) and breaking from all forms of Shyness through Aggression issues and Prevention of it!! For all Pet and Hunting Breeds of Dog!!! 

For a one-time fee of $74 this purchase includes 2 conversations, the first is screening and my personal instruction of any aspect needed and a second follow-up to ensure we achieve your desired results. After purchasing this option, I will contact you to set up our future Phone appointments promptly.


All written and video instructions that may be needed are included!!!!

Click on the Shop W.W.W. link above to purchase.




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