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The Bad Boy Brussel Story

In the year 2000, I survived an Electrocution accident. During that accident, I entered the Light of All lights and in that indescribable moment, I made the Biggest Promise Of My Life, so that I might return to my Family. I promised My Lord, Greatness out of Myself if he only set me on his wanted path. Months later I found myself at 384 lbs. with seizures, asthma, diabetes, and many other major health problems. At this time my friend asked me to ride with him to Pennsylvania. Though I had no intention of going because my health was making me feel miserable, my buddy, wife, and family talked me into going with him to pick up his pup. All of them Proclaiming it would be good for me!! So with death consuming my mind I reluctantly went along. When we got there this day became Magical the moment I met Grayson Paul for the first time, he is one of the nicest people I have ever met. His passion for Hounds fuels me, to this day. Over the course of our weekend with Grayson, I found myself stumbling over a small pup. Every time I would turn around this pup would be there, looking me straight in the eye. Knowing that dogs look at us in the eye for problem-solving information, I could see intelligence in him at every glance. I wanted him Bad!!

Before we left Grayson said that puppy picked you, take it home, hunt it and your health will improve. I told him I could not afford him as I was off work. He told me he did not care "PAY ME WHENEVER YOU CAN" Again I told him I did not know how long it would take me. Raising his arms in the air He said "If I am on my deathbed I am not going to Sit up and Say, Willy owes me money" now that pup picked you Take him home". So I did!!!
Brussel was 7 and a 1/2 months old when I got him. I could only walk 10 steps at a time, having to take long breaks in between. By the time he was 9 months old he was Completely Obedience Trained and Treeing his own Coon almost every time I dropped him !! I went on to lose over 80 lbs. Walking behind Brussel pushed my physical limits and him barking at my wife, when I had seizures at night saved my life!!! When Brussel was 11 months old, my lifetime coon hunter friend, the same friend that I road with that special day, told me that I didn't know what I had. He had never seen a coon dog of this Caliber in his Life and that he must be bred and Comp. Hunted. So I did. I would put on shows at the hunts leaving Brussel behind the coon club for others to watch while I gave him Commands from the other side of the building even while holding Steak on his nose he Never Failed !! Astonishing to all that watched yet only the ones who drew out with him knew what he was Really About !! His ability in the woods brings tears to my eyes. Brussel's obedience blended with his hunt ability influenced hundreds of newcomers in this sport. As they could not believe a Coonhound could be that Obedient while being amazingly Fast on the ground and 99.7% accurate !!
At 3 years old Brussel knew so many Commands and hand signals I didn't believe it myself !! I later learned he was learning our entire vocabulary of one syllable words. We actually had to spell words around him so he would not understand them !! Then to my complete surprise if you spelled O. U. T. He would go to the door and stay there until I had to let him out. If I spelled C. O. O. N. out loud he would go to his leash and bark till u put it on him. This blew my mind !!
Now I literally had a dog that understood the words that I was speaking. So it was time to take him to the next level. I started telling Brussel the MEAT when he was under one on the outside of the tree. When he was split I told him "Your Own Coon" over and over. SOON I had a Hound that if I wanted him treeing by himself I would tell him to do so and that's what he would do. If I said, "I Want The MEAT" that's what I would see every time! I could say "Drop" and he would stop fighting a coon instantly while any other dogs or pups continue the Kill. Yet he would Fiercely  Return to the fight Once Again with a Mear "OK" Command. You see, I had to have this out of him as I was so disabled. He went on to provide for my Family with hide money in many times of need. Any man woman or child that laid eyes open him while he worked was blown away. 
I just started promoting him in the Bigger Hunts when my health took a turn for the worse. I found myself unable to walk in the woods any longer nearly spearing myself on a broken sapling from falls caused by seizures.
So I retired Brussel never to see his full potential brought to light. Brussel my best friend and savior lived in my house as always for the rest of his life treated no differently than a brother to my Children and my own son!!! Our family enjoyed every day of his life until he died at 13. That day tears fell from my Children's eyes in waves I had never seen before. 
Right then I made a promise to them!! I would starve myself if I had to and they would coon hunt again !!! So that's what I have done. I have lost over 170 lbs., had knee surgery, no longer diabetic, and many other health improvements. All for the sole purpose of Campaigning my Training Methods in the Biggest Hunts, but Most importantly to Teach the Coonhound world what Brussel Taught me. You see by adding obedience training methods to Brussels coon hunting ability we taught each other professional coonhound training methods for every aspect of our sport. These methods embrace natural ability and get extreme results!!
I hope this book allows, you the reader to look as deeply into the minds of dogs as I do every day.  I am self-taught and have never been formally educated in dog training of any kind on purpose! So that other educational materials do not put boundaries on the training results I achieve!! Rather, I have lived with, studied and trained countless dogs of every different breed that I could get my hands on, my entire life! Always achieving astonishing Results!!! My passion has simply made me become part Dog myself, thus allowing me to understand each Dog fault in High Definition!!! For well over 25 years I have been teaching my methods to all that will listen!!!! I am proud to consider myself part K-9 and feel a huge responsibility to share the Communication Skills I have discovered and developed over the years. So that I may help better the lives of Dog Owners and Dogs alike through True Translation of K-9 Language!!!!!!
For the Light I saw can Not Be Forgotten,,, I  AM STILL ON MY LORDS WANTED PATH, I will not waiver, I will not Fail, Rather I WILL Stay this Path until We Prevail !!!


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