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   Pet Training

                     Local Obedience Classes Comming Soon!

 message me for more information!!

Over the phone option, Let my expertise guide you in obtaining your desired results in all aspects of House Pet training/Problemed breaking!! Select the Private instruction option when purchasing. (I.e. Problemed Potty Breaking, Destructive Chewing, Problmed Barking, Behavioral issues, etc.) 


We can train your Best Friend to do anything you can imagine Dogs to do, Together over the phone, with my personal guidance every step of the way!!! Select The Over The Phone Inquire option and provide a brief description of your desired results! reasonable monthly pricing based on individual needs. 

Wild Willy’s Want Marrying system that Dogs understand comes the most gentle way to get professional results period!! Our personal mission is to better the lives of Dogs/Hounds by positively changing the lives of their owners with Training/Communication Tools!!!


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